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25 May

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After significant population growth it was separated off from Chelmsford as an individual town. The town was integrated in 1729 with principal production things becoming granite, yarn, and apples during the 19th century. Westford supposedly played its part in the Revolutionary War as becoming one particular of the towns ridden through by Paul Revere. This account has been disproven with the actual contribution becoming by minutemen passing facts about his designated path.

This specific Massachusetts town grew to become suburbanized immediately after the Civil War as it became a prime residential spot for these functioning at factories in the nearby city of Lowell. Automobiles sophisticated the growth of this neighborhood by drawing in residents doing work in the Boston location as very well. In the 1970’s, technology firms began moving into the area generating it a centralized location for these industries. At present, the area houses massive business names such as Red Hat, Seagate, Visual Answers, and Samsung. It is no longer a massive agricultural area, but a well-produced suburban area full of company prospect areas this kind of as A single and Four Robbins Road.

Westford Supplies A Little Some thing for Everyone

Westford covers somewhere around 31.3 miles with most of the territory being land. It is a bordering city of Chelmsford, Littleton, Acton, Tyngsboro, and Carlisle. The Stony Brook Railroad is nevertheless in use, carrying freight through the city each day. It is a significant passage to Pan Am Railways connecting to rails passing into New Hampshire, Maine, New York, Vermont, and western Massachusetts. Westford is primarily a residential region commuters choose as their residence to be near, but not in the middle of the key metropolitan areas.

Museums, community centers, art centers, and an observatory are notable city attractions. The Nashoba Valley Ski Area gives summer day camps as well as holiday occasions to families. Kimball Farm is an additional local attraction featuring activities this kind of as bumper boats. Yearly activities held in the location include things like the Apple Blossom Parade, Strawberry Festival, Blues & Brews Festival, and the Halloween Screampark.

1 and 4 Robbins Road is a prime office area situated next to the 495 Interstate Highway off a side street called Littleton Road. Two buildings can be located at this place surrounded by a significantly less modernized surroundings consisting of trees and greenery. The complete square footage of this 3 story framework is 4-hundred and fifty-eight thousand feet. Alcatel-Lucent presently utilizes this area for their communications operations.

Even though the spot is not in a big metropolitan region, it is close sufficient for any small business to consider benefit of big city operations without the comprehensive aspects typically accompanying these metropolitan workplace spaces. Nearby enterprise neighbors contain Cutting Edge Methods, Duxbury Systems, and Barr Associates. Becoming a key residential region, Westford can supply abundant staffing opportunities due to the commuting element of residents.

Folks searching for a household oriented place with all the perks of the inner city can also obtain positive aspects from this region. Art, culture, and major organization are only a drive away with Westford providing all the comforts of a modest neighborhood.

A broad assortment of genuine estate investment opportunities await traders in New Hampshire.

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